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Before we discuss the causes of tinnitus, let’s take a step back and take a look at what tinnitus is first.  Tinnitus is a term used to describe ringing in the ear. People suffering from tinnitus will describe this “ringing” sound differently.  Other description includes:

* Buzzing

* Humming

* Clicking

* Chirping

* Whooshing

* Hissing

The sound may appear in one ear or both ears.  There are currently millions of men and women suffering from this so you are not alone if you suffer from tinnitus.  One important thing to note is that these “noises” appear within the ear and not from an outside source.  So if you try to block your ears, it won’t work. 

The “phantom” noise that you “hear” is the result of some irritants/damages within your inner ear (cochlea). These noises do not exist outside of your body. Normally, sound waves enters your ear. The inner ear translates the sound wave and passes it to your brain where it then interprets it as sound. If there are problems with your ears, they could be creating “phantom” sound waves which the brain will interpret as noise.

2 Major Causes of Tinnitus

There are many causes of tinnitus, however the 2 major causes of tinnitus are:

1) Noise Damage – Being exposed to extremely loud noises will cause damages to your ears. For example, standing next to a loudspeaker at a concert or a sudden burst of noise like an explosion. Other examples are working in a noisy environment such as on a construction site (drilling, etc.) or on the airport ramp (expose to the airplane engine noise). If you do not take the appropriate steps to protect your ears ear, you may end up with tinnitus.

Other causes of tinnitus in the noise damage area: Tinnitus cases will be on the increase with the growing popularity of portable music players.  People (especially young ones) are subjecting theirs ears (via earbuds) to high volumes.  Just sit next to someone in a bus and you can actually hear the music coming from their earbuds. So imagine the high sound level they are subjecting their ears to. This is indeed a cause for concerns.

2) Stress and anxiety is the next most common causes of tinnitus.  Being stressed/anxious, your body undergoes chemical changes that affects your nervous system.  This is known to cause tinnitus. With the ecomony in a bad shape, more and more people fear of losing their jobs and homes.  This increase in stress will lead to an increase in tinnitus cases. Learn to de-stress your self through meditation.

Causes of Tinnitus – Take Preventative Meassures

The above only highlights 2 of the main causes of tinnitus.  Yes, there are many more other causes of tinnitus.  This is why people with tinnitus experience different noises. If you fall into the categories above, it’s time to take action to protect your ears by wearing ear protection, turning down your music player and become less stressful.

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