Forearcare Visual Earwax Removal USB Mini-camera Clean Ear


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The visual otoscope inspects the target with the using of tiny HD cameras. And the results are displayed on the portable monitor through the photoelectric signal transmission. It can tell the ear canal health status , which could not be observed by common methods. It can also check other body parts, such like scalp, pores, comedones, ear canal, oral cavity, nasal cavity and so on. Ergonomic design and elegant in fashion.

Forearcare Visual Earwax Removal USB Mini-camera Clean Ear Light Digging Ear Spoon Medical Grade Ear Hygiene Care Kits Scooping Out

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  • English introduction-Now we have added the English introduction, you can be more convenient to use.
  • Visual Ear Spoon - Medical visual ear spoon with electronic micro-camera,you can achieve real-time observation of the whole process of dig ear wax through the USB data cable to connect the computer(only windows system).
  • This product is an essential tool for each family, each classroom in school,this section of the ear spoon can only be used on the windows computer.
  • This product is suitable for daily cleaning care, ear disease patients can also observe the ear canal.
  • NOTE:Host tail with a blue led light, when the product through the USB data cable connected to the computer, the blue light is always on.
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Forearcare Visual Earwax Removal USB Mini-camera Clean Ear
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