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What does a pig, a golf club and a windmill have in common and how do they relate to tinnitus? In this article we take a look at some causes of tinnitus oddities

The number one cause of tinnitus is exposure to loud sound where the inner ear is damaged.  The damaged inner ear creates “phantom” signals that gets sent to the brain.  The brain “interprets” this artifact signal as sound and in turn we get to “hear” this phantom sound.

It would assume then that one must be exposed constantly to a noise-enriched environment (work place) or be exposed to listening to music on their portable music player at a very high volume levels to be affected.  Having said that, Tinnitus can also be caused in environments where there are no constant exposure to high level of noise.  Here is a look at 3 other causes of tinnitus oddities that you would never of thought of.

3 Tinnitus Oddities

Tinnitus Oddities #1) Pigs and Tinnitus: Some tests were done to measure the sound of pigs squealing during feeding and sexual activities.  The recorded levels reached 100dB. The acceptable short term exposure for sound levels is at 85dB. If you work on a farm with many pigs, take extra precaution to protect your ears by wearing ear plugs.

Tinnitus Oddities #2) Golfing and Tinnitus:  Who would ever thought that playing golf can have an impact on your hearing? According to a report, a 55 year old golfer playing golf 3 times a week for 1.5 years started to develop hearing problems.  It seems that hitting golf balls with his King Cobra LD golf club sounds like a gun explosion.  These levels are at 135 to 140 dB.  You may want to wear ear plugs while playing golf to rpotect your ears.  Perhaps golf clubs should put up some warnings about potential hearing problems when playing golf.

Tinnitus Oddities #3) Wind Turbines and Tinnitus: Here is a strange one.  If you live close to wind turbines, you may envounter many health issues including tinnitus.  In most Tinnitus causes, the ear is exposed to loud noises.  In this case, according to a five year study, the ear is exposed to infrasound and low-frequency noise which affects the inner ear’s vestibular system.  Other health issues includes heart problems, vertigo, panic attacks, headaches and insomnia.

Many people take their ears for granted and never realizing the potential noise damaging elements out there such as the innoccent looking golf club in the tinnitus oddities listed above. So take care to protect your ears at all cost.

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