Tinnitus Relief: Tree Frogs CD: Tinnitus Treatment Masking


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Tinnitus Relief: Tree Frogs CD: Tinnitus Treatment Masking Sounds

Masking Sound To Cover Up and Help Improve Tinnitus Problems

Running time: 60 minutes

Tree Frogs

Croaking frogs in foreground, frogs in distant trees, constant steady pulsating sounds.

• Noise Sounds:

• Nature Sounds: mid-range, low-range

Best Used For: sleep-aid, relaxation, room ambience, moderate Tinnitus relief

Tinnitus masking sounds, we divide the types of sounds into general categories:

Noise Sounds

– Hiss: High-pitched sounds that remind you of things like steam escaping, white noise or crickets

– Shush: Mid-range sounds like fans make, static

– Whoosh: Low-range sounds such as made by large machinery heard from a distance, or a large waterfall far away

Nature Sounds – Natural Environment Sounds

– High-range: crickets, cicadas, steady wind, tree frogs, songbirds, wind chimes, katydids, ponds, swamps

– Mid-range: streams, waterfalls, rain, frogs, bubbling water, ocean waves

– Low-range: thunder, rainforest, fireplace, forests, tube wind chimes, lakes, ocean surf

* Always, start listening with the lowest possible volume, then slowly increase the volume of the recording until the ringing in your ears is just covered up.

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Tinnitus Relief: Tree Frogs CD: Tinnitus Treatment Masking Sounds

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  • There Is No Cure For Tinnitus, But There Is Relief
  • Masking Sounds for Tinnitus Relief
  • Natural Treatment to Stop Ringing In The Ears
  • Allows Better Sleep By Creating A Soothing Atmosphere
  • High Quality Audio Recording
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Tinnitus Relief: Tree Frogs CD: Tinnitus Treatment Masking

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